Norman Marsh began his flying career in Spitfires and Harvards at the end of WW ll. He then traveled between squadrons teaching the pilots to glide. This was intended to keep them occupied when the war was over! Other businesses and interests took over most of Norman’s time until the early 1990’s, at which time he began gliding again, this time for sport, in New Zealand. Eventually Norman came to Invermere and did some great flying here! Norman was someone who always encouraged you to achieve, but who supported and respected everyone on his or her own level. This bursary has been established so that Norman Marsh’s support of young pilots, and of the sport of soaring, may continue.


This award will be granted each year to a young person who best meets the following criteria:


• Is between the ages of 15 and 18

• Is considering a future which will include flying

• Is fluent in spoken English

• Has no chronic health problems which would preclude getting a glider pilot license

• Is of good character

• Is able to interact in an adult environment (for both social and safety reasons!)

• Height and weight within limits for the glider used for training (height: 5’2″-6’2″; weight 120 lbs-240 lbs)

• Is a responsible “self-starter”

• Preference will be given to applicants who live in the East Kootenays, but other suitable candidates will be considered.




This experience is designed to provide an introduction to soaring flight. This is a good basis for any type of future flight instruction. You will learn: the basics of flight theory, how to manage a primary glider on tow, how to climb in thermals, and how to plan and execute a safe landing. Safety and the development of good judgment are key!


Some time will be spent on the ground, learning to perform tasks such as launching gliders, hooking up the tow plane, minor maintenance, including washing planes, caring for tow ropes, assisting with rigging and derigging gliders. These are critical skills to be learned by all pilots.


The successful student would expect to receive two weeks of intensive flight training with well qualified instructors. Flight instruction will take place each weekday (weather permitting). In 2012, the course will begin on in the first 2 full weeks of  July. Adjustments could be made in case of inclement weather.


Students should plan on being at the airport by 10:00 am and spending the day!


Some independent study will be required. Books will be provided.


All flight and instruction costs are covered by the bursary.


Students are welcome to camp at the airport. Cooking and laundry facilities are provided. A billet MAY be possible. Students are responsible for their own living expenses and transportation.




Respond to the address below, by May 15. Applications must include the following:


A completed application form, and completed parent disclaimer form

A short essay, explaining why this experience would be important to you, and what you can offer the flying community


Two letters of reference, one from a teacher or school administrator


and, as required for a student pilot permit:


A completed class four medical form (attached)


Proof of citizenship (need not be Canadian)


Interviews will be held in late May to complete the selection process. Applications should be recieved by May 15, 2016.



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