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Soar above the mountains for 45 – 60 minutes in style! This is our most popular flight. Mountain flights are true soaring flights done in the afternoon when the daytime heating creates the necessary thermals which we use to gain altitude. This flight is with our  high performance Duo Discus and costs

Custom Flights


First hour: $280.00 CAD

Each additional half hour: $90.00 CAD


When the soaring conditions are truly spectacular, heights up to and over 12,000 feet can be reached. This allows us to travel deeper into the mountains where higher peaks, glaciers, and high alpine lakes are situated. The custom flight package is designed for guests wanting to truly experience mountain soaring. Flight time can be an hour and a half or longer.

$280.00 CAD

Nausea or motion sickness associated with circling and the sensations of flight can be a problem for some people. If you are unsure of your reactions to the sensation of flight, book a short flight rather than a long flight. Take travel sickness tablets or use other anti nausea devices. Do not eat, drink fizzy drinks, or consume alcohol prior to your flight.

Invermere Soaring Centre Ltd. Price list



Two Seaters



$630 - Daily with instructor

$180 - Hourly with instructor


Single Seaters


Astir CS 77

$225 - Daily

$70 - Hourly


PW5 (1)

$200 - Daily

$60 - Hourly

Canadian Rockies Soaring Club gliders


Two Seaters


SGS 2-33 (1)

$120 - Daily

$40 - Hourly


Single Seaters


SGS 1-26 (1)

$120 - Daily

$40 - Hourly



Caution: SAC membership ($80/year – $40/half year & Junior) is mandatory for rental of the Canadian Rockies Soaring Club gliders.

Invermere Soaring Centre Ltd. / Facility price list as per May 1st, 2016 all prices in $ Canadian and subject to change without prior notice.

Facilities available to visiting glider pilots only / no public camping.


Tie Down Cost

$6 - Day

$35 - Week

$90 - Month

$300 - Season


Glider Hangar space (when available)

$15 - Day

$70 - Week

$220 - Month

n/a - Season


Facilities are for Invermere Soaring Centre customers only !

All visitors must register with the Office on arrival. No facilities usage or glider tiedown without registration.

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