Learning to Fly 

We all set out with certain expectations when starting with something new.

In recent years gliding has been challenged by our ever more demanding expectations. Many gliding clubs have been slow to react or even recognize these changing expectations. Spending all day pushing gliders around in the hope of getting one brief frustrating flight is totally unacceptable.

We encourage all our new pilots to treat themselves to some 'one on one' training. We are very fortunate to be closely associated with the Invermere Soaring Centre. It's a 7 day a week operation and provides first class training tailored to suit your needs.

Your expectations should be to pre-book your flying in advance, arrive at the airport shortly before take off and not have to hang around once you are done.

That's exactly what happens at Invermere.

Most of our pilots achieve solo in a single season, some also graduate to single seat 'white' planes in the same season.

  2006 Membership Details 

    • Regular Members : $300
    • Flat rate use of 2-33 & 1-26 : $300
    • Associate member: $150
    • Junior:- Membership & Flat rate is half price.
  Why Gliding is Special 

Why would anyone want to fly a plane without an engine, how stupid is that?

Talk to any sportsman and they will enthusiastically tell you how special their sport is.

So here goes, Gliding or Soaring is the closest man can get to flying like a bird, it's a 'must do'  at least once for anyone remotely interested in flying.

Ascending in a thermal at over 1,000 feet per minute and then accelerating to 200kph, speeding to the next source of lift is a remarkable experience.

Are you up for it? 

  Top Reasons to Join Us! 

  • We fly 7 days a week, from mid April until the end of September.
  • We're cost effective: our annual membership is low, then you only pay when you actually fly.
  • Soaring is so good at Invermere, it's easy to stay super current.
  • We have many very experienced cross country pilots willing to help you achieve your goals.
  • Invermere is a destination resort which provides a wide range of activities besides flying. Accommodation and great dining is close by and plentiful.
  • Our evening BBQs are legendary, you never need to dine out anyway!
  • Top pilots from all corners of the world, travel 1000s of miles to soar at Invermere. If you are just a couple of hours away and really serious about soaring shouldn't you be flying with us?
We fly in the Rocky Mountains but the principle is the same!
When a glider encounters an invisible column of rising air (thermal), the pilot circles within it and rises high enough to leave and search for another one.
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